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Jonathan Stokes

JONATHAN STOKES (Writer, Director, Producer)

Jonathan Stokes writes for film and television in Los Angeles, CA. He received his comedy education at the famed Second City and Improv Olympic theaters in Los Angeles, where he studied under comedy writers such as Michael McCarthy (Saturday Night Live) and Laura Krafft (Colbert Report). Jonathan wrote for the prestigious mainstage sketch show at Improv Olympic and won various writing contests at Second City. He has performed with eight different improv groups, written hundreds of comedy sketches, and completed 23 screenplays since his arrival in Los Angeles. Jonathan was raised in Weston, Connecticut. The Last Hurrah marks Jonathan’s directorial debut.

Chuck Derosa

CHUCK DEROSA (Cinematographer, Producer)

Chuck DeRosa grew up in northern New Jersey. After majoring in English Literature at Emory University he went on to attend USC’s graduate school of cinematic arts. A lifelong photographer now trained as a cinematographer, Chuck has also lent his business mind to producing The Last Hurrah.

Anthony Vasto

ANTHONY VASTO (Executive Producer)

After graduating from Columbia College Chicago in 1999, Anthony Vasto began his career working for Academy Award Winning Writer/Producer Akiva Goldsman (THE DAVINCI CODE, A BEAUTIFUL MIND) at Warner Bros. based Weed Road Pictures. As an executive Anthony contributed to the development of MR. & MRS. SMITH, CONSTANTINE, and STARSKY & HUTCH. In 2004 he founded Instrumental Management, a literary management company focused on developing emerging screenwriters and their careers. Recently he set up the film HERO WANTED starring Cuba Gooding Jr. and Ray Liotta scripted by his clients Chad and Evan Law at Millennium Films. Anthony is currently producing the feature film TRIPLE DOG which will be completed in 2008.


Valerie Azlynn

Valerie Azlynn (Nicole)

Valerie Azlynn appeared in the recent Ben Stiller comedy TROPIC THUNDER and in the Will Smith/Charlize Theron film HANCOCK. Valerie also starred in the 2008 CBS sitcom THE CAPTAIN.

Valerie is acting in the upcoming Sci-Fi film SURROGATES (Touchstone) with Bruce Willis, Radha Mitchell, and Ving Rhames. She can also be seen in recent guest spots on TV shows such as COLD CASE, THE BIG BANG THEORY, RULES OF ENGAGEMENT, and ICARLY.

Valerie was born and raised in Connecticut and moved to New York at a young age to pursue an acting career, performing in theatre throughout the city and singing with the Manhattan-based Opera Company. Since relocating to Los Angeles to focus on TV and Film, her credits include recurring parts on both SMITH and NBC’s comedy JOEY, TWO AND A HALF MEN, CSI: NY, HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER and appearances in such films as: POSEIDON, BEWITCHED, BROKEN, and CONSTANTINE.

Ravi Patel

Ravi Patel (Ara)

Ravi Patel has been seen in numerous films, including the Michael Bay/Stephen Spielberg film TRANSFORMERS. Ravi acted in THE LOVE GURU, alongside Mike Myers, Jessica Alba, and Justin Timberlake. He is also in the upcoming film POWDER BLUE performing with Forest Whitaker, Lisa Kudrow, and Ray Liotta.

Ravi is also a familiar face from comedy TV shows such as SCRUBS and IT’S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA. Ravi performed as a series regular on the CW dramedy EASY MONEY.

Ravi Patel is a Charlotte, NC native who has worked nearly nonstop since his entrance into showbiz, appearing in over forty commercials. Ravi also performs stand-up comedy throughout the country.

Kate Micucci

Kate Micucci (Susan)

Kate Micucci can be seen in the upcoming film WHEN IN ROME (DISNEY) starring alongside Jon Heder, Kristen Bell, Danny DiVito, Will Arnett, and Anjelica Huston. Kate also appeared recently in BART GOT A ROOM starring William H. Macy, and FINDING AMANDA starring Matthew Broderick.

In addition to numerous films, Kate’s TV credits include a starring role on FOUR KINGS (NBC), recurring comedic roles on SCRUBS and Disney's CORY IN THE HOUSE, as well as roles in MALCOLM IN THE MIDDLE, CAMPUS LADIES, HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER, and RULES OF ENGAGEMENT.

Kate Micucci is a well-traveled Pennsylvania native who can be regularly seen around Los Angeles, performing her compositions on the ukulele, publishing her drawings, and teaching sandcastle building in Santa Monica.

Randy Wayne

Randy Wayne (Dogbowl)

Randy Wayne played the role of Luke Duke in THE DUKES OF HAZZARD: THE BEGINNING for Warner Brothers. In the past two years, Randy has performed leading roles many feature films, including THE SURFER KING, DREAM BOY, SCAR, and GRIZZLY PARK. Randy is starring in five feature films slated for completion in the coming year.

Randy’s television credits include a role as a series regular on SONS AND DAUGHTERS and appearances on HUFF, NCIS, JACK AND BOBBY, WRIGLEYVILLE, and LIVING WITH FRAN. Randy is a native of Oklahoma.

Gary Cairns II

Gary Cairns II (The Trip)

Gary Cairns II co-starred in HERO WANTED with Ray Liotta and Cuba Gooding Jr. in 2008. He is currently filming AN AMERICAN HERO with James Russo.

Gary has guest-starred on a number of television shows including N.Y.P.D. BLUE, MALCOLM IN THE MIDDLE, and ONCE AND AGAIN.

Gary has performed in numerous films, including the lead in MAD WORLD in 2005, and THE GOOD HUMOR MAN, starring Kelsey Grammer and Cameron Richardson. Gary’s credits also include over twenty commercials (including Starbucks, Cheerios, and Sears).

Alicia Ziegler

Alicia Ziegler (Melissa)

Alicia Ziegler is best known for her TV work, guest-starring in roles for CSI: NY, COLD CASE, SHARK, CASTLE, and BONES, and appearing in numerous other shows such as CSI: MIAMI and THAT ‘70s SHOW

Alicia starred in LAKE PLACID 2 (Sony Pictures) alongside Cloris Leachman and John Schneider. Last year she was seen in ABC Family’s highly-rated one-hour drama WILDFIRE where she created the role of Laura, a driven, Ivy-League law student.

Sarah Scott

Sarah Scott (Lex)

Sarah Scott is best known for her TV work, most recently in NIP/TUCK and TRUE BLOOD. Her other TV appearances include multiple episodes of ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT, SMITH, DAYS OF OUR LIVES, MEDIUM, and an appearance on CSI:NY.

Sarah has appeared in a number of films since her arrival in LA, including BLACK DAHLIA MOVIE and FINISHING THE GAME, directed by Justin Lin and starring James Franco. She recently completed filming THE GRIND with Tom Sizemore, C. Thomas Howell, and Danny Trejo.

David Wachs

David Wachs (Jason)

David Wachs resume includes multiple performances in film, television, and in live performances as a musician. He can be seen on most of the major networks (CBS, NBC, WB, and Fox) including ER and STILL STANDING. David has a number of films currently in production, including KENTUCKY FRIED HORROR SHOW, HOTEL CALIFORNIA with Tyson Beckford, and TERMINAL TRAP starring John Schneider.

Zach Bennett

Zack Bennett (Will)

Twenty year-old Zack Bennett, a California native, has appeared in numerous feature films, including DOWN THE P.C.H. and EL MASCARADO MASSACRE. He can be seen in the upcoming FROZEN KISS with Mimi Rogers, as well as starring in webisodes of POOR PAUL.

Martin Kelly

Martin Kelly (God)

Martin Kelly made his feature debut alongside Heather Graham and Jeremy Sisto in the film BROKEN. Martin also performs as a professional magician and a musician in the band The Living Deadlights.

Heidi Johanningmeier

Heidi Johanningmeier (Tara)

Heidi Johanningmeier’s current work includes stage productions throughout Los Angeles, highlighted with her performance at the Mark Taper Forum production of THE CHERRY ORCHARD alongside Annette Benning and Alfred Molina. Heidi can be seen in feature films including DREAM STATE, THE BAND FROM HELL, and the upcoming CAR PIRATES, as well as on TV including a recent guest spot on THE BEAST with Patrick Swayze.

Cherish Hamutoff

Cherish Hamutoff (Jamie)

Cherish Hamutoff has appeared in films including SOUL KILLER, THE NIGHT SWIM and the Sci-Fi/Horror film STAR PARTY. She has also appeared on TV on THE STARTER WIFE with Debra Messing.

Steve Fite

Steve Fite (Cokehead)

Steve Fite is a St. Louis native with an extensive theater background, having appeared in over 50 plays. Since relocating to Los Angeles, Steve continues to work in feature films as well as the occasional commercial. You can see Steve in the feature films THE BEDSTAND and DONNA ON DEMAND, as well as the upcoming THE ADVENTURES OF BELVIS BASH with Frank Stallone and Danny Baldwin and MANURE with Billy Bob Thornton and Tea Leoni.

Shawnda Thomas

Shawnda Thomas (Indira)

Shawnda Thomas has appeared in dozens of commercials, a number of independent films, including DANCE TO THE OFFBEAT, 5 STAGES OF GRIEF and BEAUTYSLEEP SYMPHONY, as well as a number of TV appearances, including a guest spot on MOESHA.

Jon Weinberg

Jon Weinberg (Steve)

Jon Weinberg has appeared in numerous stage productions in London, Vancouver, and Los Angeles. A newcomer to the film world, Jon has appeared in the British thriller PENROSE, the short film IMA, and on TV in the series JUST CAUSE. Jon is also the author of the award winning book of poetry and photography, A Calm Position (In Due Time Press).